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God’s faithfulness. What does this look like to you? The women of The Covenant had the opportunity to ponder on this question last Sunday. During this time, I couldn’t help but remember the times God has been faithful to me. I had too many examples running through my mind for me to verbally recount. It’s amazing how the simple act of remembering can impact you. This powerful question is one that I truly need to revisit every day, because I often forget about God’s faithfulness more than I remember it. Remembering God’s faithfulness gives us the assurance we need to endure through difficult situations knowing that God is more than capable of doing the same thing He did before if not, more! Not only that, but examining God’s faithfulness in our lives, allows us to enter into worship and gives us a heart of gratitude. I believe that each and every one of our lives is a portrayal of God’s faithfulness. We would be able to recognize it better if we only took the time to sit still and reflect on God’s steadfast character. I look forward to our next meeting and to diving deeper into beholding the beauty of our Lord. Psalms 77: 11. Deut. 6:20-25

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